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All routes I suggest are based on public means of transportation. Sometimes one can choose among different kinds of transports. For instance, VIAZUL (bus enterprise) is very trustworthy, safe and punctual but a rather boring trip because you travel among foreign tourists. A train journey is far more interesting since you travel surrounded viajar en tren en Cubaby Cubans what lets you better know them through chatting, jokes, while sharing their daily problems like the train delay, twice-sold tickets, etc. After all, it is really enjoyable and, mostly, unforgettable. Indeed I would always propose this travelling that allows you enjoying the landscape and socializing with common people as well. If you speak Spanish much the better for you will be able to ask whenever you have a doubt. But if you cannot communicate in Spanish I suggest you choose the national train routes because it may be hard when trying to get a ticket for a local train.

In my travel proposals I always tell about other transportation options. Some routes include tourist destinations that are a must for any foreigner travelling alone or in a group; sites to discover and know the real Cuba. To explore these sites I recommend travelling in public transportation, sleeping in private renting houses and, of course, looking for a close approach to common people. Tourists going this way should make their reservation beforehand so they can assure for themselves a stay in a beautiful and warm house instead of a "cave". In fact I highly suggest houses published on the website Cuba-individual. These are houses and families I know a long time ago to be trustworthy and safe.

Routes start and finish in Havana or Guardalavaca and most of them may also be done from or to Varadero. Sometimes it´s better to plan one or two additional nights in Havana. It is important never returning from an excursion along the island the last day you have planned flying back to your country. I do always advice being one or, better, two days before the flight, in Havana, as close as possible to International airport José Martí. Honestly, being in Havana is something very exciting and you may stay there for weeks without boring yourself. If you are in Varadero that´s a very special place to enjoy the most famous beaches of Cuba…

Before proposing any route I need to know how long you have thought of staying in Cuba.


    travel in Cuba one week

- one week

travel in Cuba two weeks- two weeks

travel in Cuba four weeks

four weeks -