- four weeks



La Habana - Nueva Gerona - Pinar del Rio - Viņales - La Habana - Trinidad - Santa Clara - Bayamo - Santiago de Cuba - Baracoa - La Habana


Day Trip
1 La Habana - Nueva Gerona (leaves at 9:30 - price 24 CUC)
Tranportation: CUBANA
  • Visit the city (At the Coppelia you can pay your bill with Pesos!)
  • Rent a car for the following day (about 60 CUC)
  • Go with the rented car to the South of the Island. Visit the caves and the beach at Punta del Este, also visit the faro and the village of Cocodrilo.
  • Go to the beach of Bibijagua (black sand) or
  • Go to the top of the little hill near Nueva Gerona (nice view) or
  • Go by taxi to the Hotel Colony (beach and very famous for diving)

Nueva Gerona - Pinar del Rio
Tranportation: CUBANA (leaves in the early morning) to Habana and VIA AZUL or collectiv taxi from Habana to Pinar del Rio

  • Visit the city, the cigar factory, the Guayabita - liqueur factory
  • Look for a taxidriver which will drive you the day 5 to Maria la Gorda and which will drive you back to Pinar del Rio the day 6. This costs you about 30 CUC to Maria la Gorda, and 30 CUC more (because your driver will go back to Pinar del Rio) from Maria la Gorda to Pinar del Rio (cheaper than a rented car, this costs you 60 CUC one day). If you like to go only one day to Maria la Gorda, don't pay more than 30 CUC for both ways.
  • Book the Casa Particular in Viņales (day 7 - 10)
5 Pinar del Rio - Maria la Gorda (in the morning)
Tranportation: TAXISTA from Pinar del Rio
  • Enjoy the beach, diving
6 Maria la Gorda - Pinar del Rio (in the afternoon)
Tranportation: TAXI the same as the other day
  • A day more at the wonderful beach
7 Pinar del Rio - Viņales (in the morning - price TRUCK: very cheap, pesos - price TAXI COLLECTIVO don't pay more than 3 CUC for each person (I went for 1 CUC))
  • Enjoy the village. In the afternoon walk to the hotel Jazmines, there you will enjoy a fantastic view over the valley.
  • Ask Eloy what you want to do the following days, so he can look for horses, a taxi driver or so. Note: He does this because you're his guests and don't because he wants to earn more money out of your pocket! (He's one of this rarely persons!)
  • Book the Casa Particular in Habana (day 10) and in Trinidad (day 11 - 15)
  • Aquaticos by hors, the caves, the North Cost or...
  • Buy your bus ticket to Habana (ASTRO), day 10. If there are no more tickets go by VIA AZUL to Habana.
  • Aquaticos by hors, the caves, the North Cost or...
10 Vinales - La Habana (at noon)
Tranportation: ASTRO
  • Buy the ticket to Trinidad for the following day (ASTRO) or if there aren't tickets for the following day go, as I did, to Cienfuegos and from there to Trinidad. Or go to Trinidad by VIA AZUL.
11 La Habana - Trinidad (in the morning)
Tranportation: ASTRO
  • Enjoy the city
  • Go to the train station and have a look when the train to Iznaga (Valle de los Ingenios) leaves.
  • Excursion to the valle de los Ingenios. Go by train to Iznaga (1 CUC). There you have to visit the famous slave watching tower. Afterwards you can visit the village o walk just a little bit around in the nice sugar growing area. Go back by train or by truck..
  • Look for a taxidriver which will drive you to Topes de Collantes the following day. The driver will wait a few hours at the top, the whole journey costs you about 20 CUC - 25 CUC. Don't pay more.
  • Buy the ASTRO ticket to Sta. Clara for day 15.
  • Book the Casa Particular in Sta. Clara day 15
  • Excursion to Topes de Collantes and to the Salton Caburni. From Topes de Collantes it will take about one hour by foot the reach Salton Caburni, good shoes are necessary. Go only by good weather. Visit the two places at the waterfall, that means the waterfall itself but also the natural pool where you can enjoy a bath.
  • Ask your driver if he will drive you the following day to playa Ancon. The normal price is 6 CUC - 8 CUC, both ways.
  • Playa Ancon
15 Trinidad - Santa Clara (leaves at about 6 pm)
Tranportation: ASTRO
  • If you like, go once more to the beach of Ancon or enjoy the day in the city.
16 Santa Clara - Bayamo (in the night)
Tranportation: TRAIN
  • Buy the train ticket to Bayamo. Note, this train leaves every other day. If you haven't luck, stay a day more in Santa Clara and go the other day. Other possibility: Go by train to Holguin (there are more CAMIONES from Holguin to Bayamo than from Santiago de Cuba to Bayamo)
  • Visit the Che museo
  • Enjoy the city of Santa Clara
  • Look for a taxidriver which will drive you the following day to the hotel Santo Domingo and which will bring you back to Bayamo, too, the day 18. This costs you about 20 CUC - 30 CUC for each way.
  • Look for a Casa Particular for day 17 and 19. (In april 98 there wasn't any official. There's also a hotel in Bayamo)
  • Visit the city
  • Book the Casa Particular in Santiago de Cuba (day 20 - 26)
18 Bayamo - Santo Domingo (Sierra Maestra) (in the morning
Tranportation: TAXI
  • Look for a guide which will accompany you to the Commandancia
  • Enjoy the nature
19 Entre Santo Domingo y Bartolome Maso

Santo Domingo (Sierra Maestra) - Bayamo (in the afternoon)
Tranportation: TAXISTA (the same)

  • Go to the Commandancia de la Plata. Good weather, good shoes are important. It's rather hard to go from Santo Domingo to Bartolome Maso!







20 Bayamo - Santiago de Cuba (in the morning)
Tranportation: TRUCK Price 10 Pesos
  • There aren't many trucks from Bayamo to Santiago to Cuba. So go early and be prepared of waiting a lot...
  • Visit the city
  • Buy the CUBANA ticket from Baracoa to Habana (There are flights at Sunday, Tuesday, Friday)
  • Book the Casa Particular in Baracoa (day 26 - 30)
  • Excursion to the fortress Morro and the Island Granma. Go by truck or by bus to Ciudamar. From there the fortress is a fifteen minute walk. Afterwards walk back to Ciudamar and go by ferry to the Island.
  • Cobre / Parque Bacanao / Gran Piedra / South Coast / City...
  • Cobre / Parque Bacanao / Gran Piedra / South Coast / City...
  • Cobre / Parque Bacanao / Gran Piedra / South Coast / City...
  • Have a look at the timetable to Baracoa (ASTRO), buy the ticket for the following day if you can.
26 View from the Hotel Castillo (Baracoa)

Santiago de Cuba - Baracoa (leaves early in the morning)
Transportation: ASTRO

  • Visit the City
  • Go to the Hotel Castillo and enjoy the view over Baracoa
  • Look for a taxi driver which will drive you to Playa Maguana the following day (20 CUC - 25 CUC both ways).

  • Playa Maguana
  • The city / River Yumuri / River Miel or others / hiking to the top of the Yunque...
  • The city / River Yumuri / River Miel or others / hiking to the top of the Yunque...
30 Baracoa - La Habana (Sunday, Tuesday, Friday)
Tranportation: CUBANA