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Street "Padre Pico" in Santiago de Cuba


In front of the Rum-Factory in Santiago de Cuba

Casa Particular Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba Casa Particular / B&B

Pictures of the houseDr. Armando Carballo Fernandez
San Felix (Hartmann) #306
e/ Habana y Trinidad
mapCentro de la Ciudad
Santiago de Cuba
Tel. +53 (22)
65 13 55
Mobile +53 (52) 46 61 61

Price: 25 CUC - 30 CUC

Note: Armando and Silvia (two doctors) rent three bedrooms of their big house in the downtown, few blocks from El Parque Céspedes. All rooms have air conditioning, fans and their own bathrooms with hot and cold water. Bedrooms are cleaned daily. Many places of this house, including the terrace, invite you to read a book or chat. Guests may also use the refrigerator in the dining room. I recommend eating here since Armando is a great cook, what may be seen in his rich and diverse dishes of traditional Cuban cuisine. This house is also recommended for groups of tourists since it is quite big and there are some other neighbors renting too. This wide house is also suitable for taking dance and Spanish courses which are easily arranged by Armando with an official teacher. And finally, don´t you miss the good mojito prepared at home with mint raised in the house terrace. Remember that if you come by Cuba-Individual, Armando invites you for a free mojito!

Reservation: Also posible by e-Mail


Taxi in Santiago de Cuba

  • Cubataxi Tel.: 65 10 38/ 65 10 39 /
    62 43 28
  • Panataxi Tel.: 68 70 00

More useful phone numbers:

  • Omnibus Astro Tel.: 62 30 58
  • Omnibus Viazul Tel.: 62 84 84
  • Railway station Tel.: 62 28 36 /
    65 20 20


Information about Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, currently the second capital of the country, was a time ago the capital of Cuba. Concerning population Santiago is by now the second city of the country. Havana is quite different from Santiago, which is a more Caribbean city with its streets full of life, loving and warm people, heavy traffic and loud music everywhere. It´s not surprising that Cuban Revolution triumphed from here; so this city is called The Cradle of the Revolution.

By the end of 2012 a hurricane passed through this city and drastically changed its image. Most of old and big trees were demolished, what left parks and plazas without shadows and lungs. It will take a long time to cure these deep wounds. Santiago de Cuba is not an even city but one with many contrasts. Who don´t know Santiago neither know Cuba!


In the city

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