Playa Caletón, 40m from Otto's house

Casa Particular Playa Larga

Casa Particular - Playa Larga

photos from the houseCasa Otto
Otoniel Cortéz Chávez
Barrio Caletón
Playa Larga
Ciénaga de Zapata
Cel +53 52 47 87 93

Price: 25 CUC
Note: Otto and his wife rents, only 40 meters from the beach two bedrooms. Each of them has a double and a single bed, aircondition, ventilator, a small fridge/minibar as well as a bathroom with a hot and cold shower. It's not luxury, but it's simple and clean.

In the back of Otto's house you will find a nice place to spend some time, read a book, talk to the hosts (Otto speaks fluently english) and eat a rich breakfast (5 CUC) and a tastful lunch or dinner (10-12 CUC).

So this is a really good place for relaxing at the beach, explore the Ciénaga de Zapta and also for diving. I'm sure you will feel good at Otto's house. I recomend you a reservation in advance.

Reservation: By phone or also by e-mail(spanish and english)


Playa Larga is a perfect place for a relaxing stay, far from being busy. Here you enjoy beaches, snorkeling and diving. You can explore the Ciénaga de Zapata walking or on a boat. And if you're interested in Cubas history you may visit the small museum in the bay of pigs, about 40km from Playa Larga. Playa Larga is still a place visited mainly by people travelling independent, there's just one small hotel nearby. Most of the turists make a break of two or more days at Playa Larga while there werde travelling between Trinidad/Cienfuegos and Habana or Viñales.


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