Fidel Silvestre Fuentes
Barrio Caletón
Playa Larga
Cienaga de Zapata
Tel. ++53 (45) 98 73 59

Price: 20 CUC
A very good direction if you like the beach. Fidel's house is just in opposite of the beach of Playa Larga. Just walk directly from the house to the water. You will also enjoy good food. A good place for one or two days fare from the touristic and crowded places.

Reservation: Also possible by e-Mail (Spanish and English).


Playa Larga is a very quiet place. Main reason to go there is the beach - perfect for swimming, snorkelling or also diving. There's also a small museum dedicated to the invasion at Giron (Bay of piggs). Enjoy it!




How to go to Playa Larga

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