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Casa Particular / B&B Morón

Photos de la casaTamara Campanioni
Martí #247
e/Serafin Sanchez y Sergio Antuña
Ciego de Avila
Telf. +53 (33) 50 36 30

Price: 20 CUC
Note: Tamara Campanioni and her husband rent two rooms in their large house. When knocking at the front door of this house one hardly imagines finding such a big and luxurious house. Both rooms have independent bathrooms, air conditioning, fan and a big bed. They offer gastronomic service, parking (for rent car), a wide terrace and even a small swimming pool that awaits you. In fact, this is a very modern house with a good treatment far from familiar but close to professional.

Felicia Jimenez Rodriguez
Martí #197-A
e/Callejas y Libertad
Ciego de Avila
Telf. (033) 38 63

Price: 20 CUC
Note: EI see this house as an alternative to Casa de Tamara. It is not so luxurious but more familiar (renting just one room) with a standard of facilities: air conditioning, fan and an independent bathroom. Furthermore, they offer gastronomic service.


Information Moron

Morón is a small city in the north coast of Ciego de Ávila. Besides being a very clean and well preserved city, most tourists passing by this town are mainly interested on visiting the famous keys: Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo. Fans of Cuban railways may stop here to discover the north railway line that takes them to Nuevitas or Santa Clara.


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