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Every day I receive a lot of e-mails and as far as I try to answer each of them it taks a lot of time. This time I'd like better using to improve the page! Please read the following guide before send me a e-Mail!


* Address of private houses and informations of each region can be found in the principal part! *

* For obtaining information about public transport, including timetable. Visit this page! *

* Suggestions for traveling 1, 2 or 4 weeks can be found on page suggestions for traveling alone! *

* Maybe on page questions and asnwers ,you can find what you are looking for! *

* Whit a litle bit of patience you can find through links many informations,
(for example, how much the rent of a car is ) *

* Finally ask first other Cuba-Fans in the forum!
(when you don't receive an answer and I know one I will answer to your question in the forum) *



Each direction of a house you will find at this page I know personally (only a very few exceptions). I don't publish more than two houses in every city/ region because I don't like to recomend you houses I don't know and houses which maybe haven't a licence any more. Better quality than quantity! If you like, I can put a link to a Internet site of your favorit casa particular.

I don't give information about flights, hotels, prices, visa information and so on - I don't answer question you can ask at a travel agency.


--> If you think I'm the right person to respond to your question (and you didn't found an answer after visiting the whole page, I hope to know an answer!

--> What I most like is to receive ideas, proposes and help for making the page better. For example ideas for excursions, changes, etc.

--> I intend to answer soon (if I know an answer and if it's really my business) but sometimes you need to wait one or two weeks!

Thanks a lot, Patrick