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Dear Cuba-traveller - please note that all the information at Cuba-Individual was written BEFORE the PANDEMIC-SITUATION.
In the mean time there have changed a lot of things in Cuba. For exemple doesn't exist de Cuban curreny CUC anymore. Now you have to pay at a lot of shops and also for Viazul-Tranfers with credit cards.
In November 2021 Cuba reopened for internacional tourism.
You can buy tickets for transfers with Viazul by their Website. Also are domestic flights avaible through de Website of Cubana de Aviacion. Still is not clear how you pay at Casa Particulares (currency, prices).
This means, that it will be necesary to make a complete update of Cuba-Individual.
This very big task I can't do without an extensive journey through Cuba because this was always the most important thing at Cuba-Individual - first hand information for people who wanted to discover Cuba. So, at the moment, I suggest you to use the information as a inspiration. Some are maybe still very actual, others not.


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