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Pictures of the houseAngela Saleido Leyra
13 Norte #561
e/ Luz Caballero y Carlos Manuel
Tel. +53 (21) 38 37 04

Price: 10 - 15 CUC
Note: After having a look to all private houses in Guantánamo I can say that this one if for me the best! It's located between the revolutionsplace/Hotel Guantánamo and the city centre. With a horse car you get easy and very cheap (one Cuban Peso) to the town centre. But you also can go there walking, it takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

Angela rents a room w ith aircondition, TV, radio, fridge and it's own bathroom. There's also a patio where you can relax and enjoy Guantánamos' sun.

But certainly the best of this places are the owners. They're very friendly - so you will feel very well at their house - I'm sure!


Guantanamo is a very quite city between Santiago de Cuba and Baracoa. When you have time is nice to stay two or tree days in this city because there aren't too much tourists (when there are even) and you can relax yourself and try to enter in the Cuban everyday-life. In the town centre the colonial architecture is preserved. Visit the churches of the city and enjoy the small preserved part of the city.




How to go to Guantánamo

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