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Casa Particular / B&B Bayamo

Pictures of the houseYiliam y Tony Losado
Av. Amado Estévez #67 (altos)
e/8 y A
Reparto Jesús Menéndez

Tel +53 (23) 42 91 27
Mobile +53 52 71 90 85

Price: 25 CUC
Note: Well placed between the historical downtown and the modern side of the city, quite near the bus station, Yilian and Tony rent two modern rooms. Both rooms have air conditioning, fans, TV sets, refrigerator and independent bathrooms with hot and cold water. Room No.1 has a double bed (an optional small bed may be added); room No.2 has a double bed and another smaller bed. Family space as the living room may be also used. There is a welcoming terrace with a small swimming pool and a semi-open dinning room with a bar. I do always recommend eating in rent houses; I am sure you will like it too.

Reservation: Also possible by e-Mail (Spanish and English)


Informacion sobre Bayamo

The capital of Granma province played an important role in Cuba history. This is one of the first Cuban cities, founded in November 5th, 1513. Struggles against Spanish colonialism began here. Nowadays Bayamo is a very active city with a couple of sites which are worth a visit, one is the cathedral. From a touristic point of view the city is important given its proximity to Sierra Maestra and Pico Turquino, the highest mountain of Cuba.


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