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> Introduction <

__Habana - Matanzas (Hershey)

____Matanzas - Santa Clara ("Guantanamero")

______Santa Clara - Caibarien (local)

________Santa Clara - Guantánamo ("Guantanamero")

>>>__Santiago de Cuba - Camaguey ("tren frances")

____________Camaguey - Moron (local)

______________Moron - Santa Clara (local; linea norte)

________________Santa Clara - Habana ("el espirituano")



Santiago de Cuba - Camaguey

Date: 18.07.2006

Train: #4; 18:30

Price: 19 CUC

Trip Notes: Some days ago, the crew told the passengers, FC had to limit the speed of some trains because of the bad state of the railway tracks. So; train #4 now leaves at 18:30 from Santiago de Cuba, and arrives at Camaguey about 00:00 and the final station, Habana at 10:45.

The journey was very comfortable. I am not sure if the air conditioning was broken or not as the temperature was OK for me - some people thought that it was too hot but I prefer the heat instead of catching a cold like I did 1998 with the "Locura azul" (the special train which was running at this time between Habana and Santiago de Cuba).

Santiago de Cuba station Notes: When I purchased the tickets in the morning, I noticed there was a large train in the station. I was later told that this was the train to Santa Clara. It would have been nice to travel to Santa Clara by this local train since the train left early and it allows you to spend the day sightseeing unfortunately, an employee informed me that its departure was unreliable.

Useful information: You can buy your tickets the same day you wish to travel. When you enter the station from the main entrance, you will see a small white cabana on the right side of the station - this is where you purchase your tickets. You need to show your passport and pay in CUC's. One hour before the scheduled departure of your train you have to confirm your ticket at the same place!

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