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>>>__Habana - Matanzas (Hershey)

____Matanzas - Santa Clara ("Guantanamero")

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________Santa Clara - Guantánamo ("Guantanamero")

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____________Camaguey - Moron (local)

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________________Santa Clara - Habana ("el espirituano")




Habana - Matanzas (Hershey)

Date: 22.06.2006

Train: #91; 12:39, electric railcar

Price: 2.80 CUC

Trip Notes: There was an accident as the train was leaving the station. Somehow, the pantograph became entangled with the main electric line which caused a lot of sparking. The incident was violent enough to actually tear the pantograph from the train and throw it onto the street. The people onboard the train became very agitated and want to leave, but officials were yelling at them to stay onboard as the main electric line was touching the body of the train. Finally, a technician cut the power to the line and everybody was able to evacuate. Many people thought that since the train was immobilized their journey was over so they returned to Habana.

After the incident, the train was unable to use the above electrics with the other pantograph. Since the train was on a gentle slope they pushed the train by hand and with the help of a small tractor managed to get the train past the problematic area. This caused a delay of only 1.5 hours and made many families happy who wanted to get to Campismo outside Matanzas . Ah, good old Cuban ingenuity.

Near Hershey we passed a service train heading towards Casablanca . At Hershey they changed Engines and with a delay of 2 hours we finally reached Matanzas .

Aside from the problems with the pantograph, it was a very pleasant trip. I would strongly recommend that everyone takes this trip, at least once, and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

Useful information: You can get to Habana's Casablanca Station by taxi or ferry. If you take the ferry, please note that the same rules apply to your baggage as on airplanes there are no dangerous goods allowed. Get there early.

You can buy a ticket at Habanas Casablanca Station 1 hour prior to departure and as a foreigner; you will have to pay in CUC's.

Refreshments can only be purchased in Hershey.

Picture: Ticket


Picture: Train #91 after the accident, leaving Casablanca (look at the electric lines!)


Picture: At the right side you see the broken pantograph


Picture: At the back the tractor which moved the train


Picture: Train #803, 23.06.2006, at 12:00 passing the Yumuri Valley direction Matanzas


Picture: Train #803, 23.06.2006, at 12:00 passing the Yumuri Valley direction Matanzas

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